Learning and Understanding Drawing After Thirty-Two and a Half Years Of Not (the studies and notes of self-taught artist A.M. Raji), 2011

a. Before commencing a drawing

a. Before commencing a drawing

A.M. Raji was a recently self-taught artist who was born 23 February 1979 and tragically found dead in his south Yogyakarta home in late 2011. Exhibited are A.M. Raji’s studies and notes as found in his studio and seem to be his first and only works, after thirty-two and a half years of dedicated un-commitment to his creative self (whilst instead pursuing other passions – including in the field of filing and data-entry. After nine years of failing to make it big on this career path, A.M. Raji quit and turned to drawing).

The studies and notes seem to be used by A.M. Raji in his process of learning how to draw and in his efforts to understand the drawing process itself. They contain some helpful hints (of his own and from found resources) for others wishing to study, practice or even pursue a career in the field of drawing, including diagrams of safe practice (a) and a summary of variable in the execution of a drawing (i).

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